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Do you stretch before a skate sesh? Many people in general don't stretch on a daily basis. It's recommended but always forgotten in your everyday routine. When skating, It's always a must for me! If not, I know too well my older bones and muscles are prone to injury. Even for the younger skaters it's always recommended to stretch. Heres a quick look at why you should incorporate stretching into your routine. 👇 5 Reasons to Stretch: Improves your flexibility Reduces the risk of injury​ Increases blood circulation Improves your joint range of motion Improves your body alignment & posture...

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What is it? Who is it? It's Rose City Skate Wax from The SGV! Rose City Skate Wax has been one our first brands to be featured on Distant Hand. If you know about this brand then you'll know the mastermind behind the unique crafted wax, Robby.  Unique Designs No other wax company out can do it like this. The designs aren't simple or something you see everyday at your skatepark or local shop. The designs aren't  based off a gimmick. The creativity put into these molds are amazing. One of my personal favorites are the Head Hunter Skulls. Do You...

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